Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Up Date..

I have been so happy to be on this journey. Some have asked me Shelly why is this time different? I always say "I have no idea why it now has clicked for me. If I knew I would Patton it". It's just been a better time for me this time around. Do I have weeks that I have gained? YES!! but I do not get down , or be hard on myself. "change from before" I try to stay positive. Steve helped me make the decision I DO NOT WEIGH THAT I DO NMYSELF... I only weigh in at my Weight Watchers meeting once a week..

FOOD--- I eat what I want in smaller portions. I do not eat sweets every day. The only low fat things I have put in my diet are.. I can't believe its not butter- and Greek Yogurt. I do eat lots of Veggies , fruit, and I drink tons of water. If I want a Soft Drink I do. NOT DIET.. The sugar in Diet Drinks makes you crave sweets. So you end up drinking more or eating other sweet. "I can have that cookie, I had a Diet Pop". I do go out to eat. I have an App on my phone that helps me pick Healthier options. I do not really eat fried foods anymore, but may once in awhile. When I cook for the family I cook what we normally ate. I just tweak it a little. I also look at web sites for Healthy Cooking Ideas.

Exercises- I used to go to Snap Fitness at night. I started to notice we just had to many things going on at night. I now go every morning "early" this helps me feel Focused, gives me energy, I am happier, I feel more accomplished. and it really makes my day.

My Weight Loss is 26.2 Pounds and I have lost more then Two inches all over. Some places lots more..

I would love to have your Ideas on food and encouragement.

Keep it up!! That's what I tell myself every day..

Avery Had a GREAT 10Th Birthday this year.

She had a Sleep Over. Way fun.. We played the WII. They loved the Birthday Party Game and Dancing Games.

I made her Favorite cake. Strawberry with white Icing and sprinkles.

One of her friends gave her 10 big boxes of different kids of candy. She got purses, make up, jewelry. money and much more. Her first sleep over party was a great success.. They had so much fun out side with Avery's horse SHADRACK. Brushing him and watching Avery work him out. He had a hurt leg at the time so no rides this time around.

Avery loves going to school everyday. She has tons of friends and is always invited to a party. As she gets older we see some of Shelby in her. We see a lot of Travis in her too. She is Funny, Happy,Smart, Smiles all of the time, Crazy laugh, likes to bug her brothers, loves to help outside, loves to be outside, she really cares for People and Animals, hopes to join 4H, wants to be a Rodeo Queen, wants to do Barrel racing. and much more..

We could not be complete without her in our life's. We love you miss Avery. We hope all of your dreams come true.

She also got to have her First Chuckee Cheese party. We all had a BLAST!! Sam's Club did this AWESOME CAKE. This place is sooooooo fun and has soooooo much for the kids to do. Her cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Friends, Grandparents and Sibling all came for this special day. To help us celebrate another great year.

She is now in the 5Th grade. I can not believe it sometimes.My BABY is growing up way to fast....

Love you GIRL,, XOXOXO

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Journey!


I started Weight Watchers this Summer. It is the best program for me. I did take two weeks off, but we all need to do that sometimes. I was very happy to reach my 5% two weeks ago. To do this I had to loose 15 pounds, i lost 16 pounds. I have lost in inches too. People have been asking me if I have lost weight. I was surprised! I thought for sure I would need to loose 30 or 50 before anyone would notice. As many of you know I have a very bad back & knee. Every time I start to loose weight and start to exercise, my back goes out. (UGHH) I have had very bad days,but the good days are far better then before. I have been feeling better already. I am able to bend better, get out of low chairs better, and I am even running a little on the tred-mill. It is going to be a long road. I just tell myself "remember, you did not gain all this weight in a few months". Also I tell myself "YOU ARE WORTH IT". I have a hard time spending the monthly fees for the W W program and to the Gym. Steve has told me it is time for me to put ME first. I have always lived for my family, Doing what they need first. I know now if I don't loose weight I won't be around for anyone. :) I will be blogging about my journey to a new healthy me, and I will post a new pic in October.

I am grateful to my husband and friends for all of your love and support. When I get on that plane to go see my new grand baby, no seat belt extension for me. OH YA BABY!!!

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